Japa Wibisana

Japa graduated as an architect from Catholic Parahyangan University in Indonesia and received his Bachelor’s degree in 2007. Upon finishing his studies, he worked in APTA STUDIO and AREA DESIGN as a Senior Architect. He is participating on designs for several single family housing in Bali, Vanari Resort in Phuket, Vilivaru Resort in Maldives, Medina Four Resort in Marrakech and other large scale development and commercial premises.

In 2012, His interest in regional scale development and community development, drive him to join ‘Microclimate for Regional Biodiversity’ Course in Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. ‘Site specific’ become the main core for his design approach.

After received professional architecture practice license, He joined A&Partners in 2016. His past involvement span from EBPP ( East Bali Poverty Project ); Surveyor and analyst “cities in West Java’ research – Urban Design Laboratory- Department of Architecture; Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity, Bandung Affiliate; Experimental Architecture Project “Nucellus” with Archos.